Energy Balance and Energy Beauty

Acutonics  Sound Therapy

Acutonics healing systems is an energy based, non-invasive treatment that is similar to acupuncture.  Precision calibrated tuning forks are applied to specific acupuncture points and trigger points of pain to access the body’s meridian & chakra energy system. This work stimulates & balances the body’s physical  and subtle energy fields to promote healing and  inner harmony helping us to integrate body, mind, & spirit.

Acutonics is an integrated approach to health care grounded in Oriental medicine, psychology, science, cosmological studies and sound healing principles. This effective non-invasive methodology works with vibratory energy created through sound.

Facial Soundscapes™ This method is a facial using tuning forks to create sound vibrations applied to major points on the facial or body.  Facial Soundscapes helps facial expression, toning and uplifting, and relaxing tension on the face. It is a totally unique experience. It helps improve saggy jaws, the upper lips line, and creepiness under the eyes may be lifted, relaxed and softened. Results are possible in just one treatment, and the effect may last for several days.  I recommend a series of six.

This is one of my favorite treatments. It is magical!

You may click here to learn more about Facial Soundscapes at the Facial Soundscapes™ website.

You may also click here to download a PDF article about Facial Soundscapes™