Hair Removal

I use different types of unwanted hair removal systems according to the individual client’s needs.

  • Electrolysis – permanent hair removal. These sessions last from 15 to 60 minutes.  Series is recommended. Permanent methods that destroy the hair papilla, preventing any further hair growth. I do all the three modalities. Multiple galvanic ( Electrolysis), Thermolysis, & Blend.  It has been around since 1875.  It is safe, work on all color of hair & skin. I have been very successful for more then 30 years as a Electrologist.
  1. Multiple galvanic needle – It allowed to work up to 16 probes at time to create the time needed to destroy the hair papilla.  This current is most helpful for distorted curly hair follicle.  Electrolysis ( galvanic) is the use of direct current to change the chemical composition of the papilla.
  2. Thermolysis- is the use of alternating current, usually in the form of high frequency or radio waves. This mode uses heat produced by friction to achieve permanent hair removal.
  3. Blend-  modality of electrolysis combines direct and alternating  currents.  The currents may be used together or sequentially


Waxing & sugaring –  For both face and body. Temporary methods that are repeated as the hair regrows.