Other Treatments

Aromatherapy  consultation- customizes essential oils to your constitution.  You will learn how to use essential oils in your life. Ambient Diffusion, massage, facial oil, facial stream bath, facial mask, bath, shower, foot & hand bath, chest rub, direct inhalation, direct application, compress, mouthwash, gargle, perfume, add to cosmetics, Mist, sauna, cooking, meditation, or Hydrolates

Ayurveda  Abhyanga ( Ayurveda Massage for ladies only) this is a soothing, gentle massage where a  warm herbalized oil is applied on the body. The treatment helps balance, moisturize, relax & detoxify for a total mind & body rejuvenation.

Ayurveda Shirodhara is a continuous flow of herbalizd oil that is poured slowly and gently across the forehead to help soothe & balance the nervous systems, while relaxing the mind.

Oncology Esthetics Trained  A cancer diagnosis is life changing. As one navigates through surgical intervention, chemotherapy, bio-therapy and radiation therapy, shifts in physical and emotional health occur. Side effects from cancer treatment impact all aspects of the client’s life including numerous skin related side effects from the cancer treatments,

Oncology Esthetics can provide great benefits such as easing symptoms and skin reactions, improving skin and their overall health and helping restore a sense of well being. Oncology Esthetics TLC treatments, as with other complementary therapies are used together with conventional cancer treatments.  The purpose of a complementary  therapy is not to treat the cancer itself but to treat the person as a whole.

Complementary therapy TLC treatments help clients cope with cancer, its treatments and side effects. In addition, it helps clients feel better.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Dr. Vodder Lymphatic Drainage Massage, or Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is highly specialized massage technique with light pumping pressing and depressing movements. It helps to maintain the correct fluid balance in the tissue and to help to correct congestion and blockage in Lymphatic system. MLD helps the following conditions:

  • Acne
  • Dry skin
  • Allergies
  • Pre and Post Surgical Care
  • Rosacea
  • Sinuses
  • Scars and Cellulite.

Treatments last 20 minutes.