The skin is a wondrous and complex organ, designed perfectly to protect the body from harm. It is a miraculously self healing organ. It continually renews and repairs itself when it is harmed.

I believe in letting the skin heal itself instead of relying on products and procedures that can do more harm by causing more inflammation and increasing free radical exposure with over exfoliation. This unintentional harm can also result in the destruction of our protective lipid barrier.

These are just a few harmful ways that we unintentionally harm our skin in our efforts to look good.

I believe, instead, in supporting  our skin from the inside out, allowing it to do what it already knows how to do. I believe in trusting our Skin’s Own Natural Intelligence, as we nourish and support its system naturally. Here, at Nancy Leilani Ahuna Studio, I use modalities that support the skin’s natural intelligence.

My goal is to enliven our own body’s self-healing as we foster self-awareness of our skin.